What is the biggest driver of innovation across the world?

I personally believe the answer to that is pain from having a problem.

Pain drives us to take action – especially when we are personally suffering, empathizing with our loved ones, or feeling compassion for our community. And as growth-minded thinkers, we are often energized and motivated by challenges and work tirelessly to solve problems.

But what does it truly take to build meaningful solutions?


We’ve distilled this down to the 3 resource requirements.

1. First, you need time to solve problems;

Most creatives spend a lot of time while sleeping, showering, eating to think hard and deep about the problem to brainstorm worthwhile solutions. Often, our problem-solving ability is limited by how much time we have. Thankfully, the requirement for time can be compensated by the other two resources.


2. You need treasure to solve big problems;

We try to keep personal projects as low-budget as possible – often searching for free tools, or open-source software (our community is great at finding affordable and free tools to solve everyday challenges). However, this also means that we are unable to take on bigger challenges that involve a significant investment that may in turn offer larger rewards.


3. Which then leads us to talent.

We often work on our problems in isolation – entirely on our own. We may go online to find resources from people who have tackled the same challenges in the past, but often the forum posts that we discover are months to years outdated, and the original poster may have already given up on the problem.

And more often than not, our problems are not unique – many people around the globe feel the same way! The best way to solve problems is together, but most people don’t know how. We create more meaningful and amazing solutions when we have shared inputs from those who feel strongly about the same problem.


Let’s explore how the Co-x3 Family makes it easy to co-create and collaborate.


Who cares about my problem?

In the Co-x3 Family, we pride ourselves on keeping up with each other’s daily wars through our accountability squads and weekly council meetings. We’ve found out during our sharing that no matter our geographies or walk of life, we are often fighting similar battles, and thus have opportunities to pool our motivation and brainpower to co-create and collaborate on solutions together. This is immensely helpful in soliciting feedback on potential solutions and exploring how others conceptualize the problem.


How do I share my problem effectively?

By following the Be Intentional framework to properly scope out the problem, it is extremely easy to communicate with others on why you are tackling this problem, what you hope to achieve, and how you plan on building the solution(s). These three fundamental principles build shared empathy and clearly describe the information necessary to architect meaningful solutions.



Then, once your problem is adequately defined, and you have a proposed solution in mind, submit it to our world bossesΒ to find community members who care deeply about your vision and technology and want to help. Every week, we pick new projects to highlight to our thousand-strong community of early adopters and innovators. We love working on interesting projects that solve global challenges, together.

If you imagine life as a role-playing game, family members in Co-x3 are like the quest givers in the tutorial stage – offering knowledge AND tools to take action on your learning by systemizing best practices trained from successful projects. Once you level up and are well equipped with the best of productivity, growth, and learning, we embark together on adventures to fight world bosses and effect positive change to the world.

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Completing the Last Mile

Many projects end up half-done because of a lack of execution and follow-through. We solve this with consistent motivation and accountability. By utilizing #theGamificationProject, you can level up and earn gold whenever you complete meaningful tasks that bring you closer to your goals. Our community also offers accountability with consistent updates of how our projects are going and countless opportunities to support each other throughout our growth journeys.



So, how can you get involved?

We strongly believe that growth-minded thinkers are constantly bombarded with problems that they want to solve. This is our way of ensuring you are not alone.


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Lastly, join us for an exclusive new co-working + co-living experience to solve global challenges together…

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