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Slaying world bosses to effect positive change on the world.

Gamify Your Life

Ever wondered why we are so easily addicted with games and social media? We wanted to bring the same motivation and drive that we have with gaming into our personal development.

#theGamificationProject transforms you into your favorite game character, turning tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests that build up your skill tree and includes live leaderboard functionalities to promote friendly competitions between friends, family, and community.

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Take Life Control

Life is chaotic. There are so many things that are seemingly out of your control, and we often end up in a disorganized mess. What can we do to stay organized and intentional about what needs to be done, while enjoying life?

That's L-CTRL. It's our most comprehensive, ready-made, fully customizable system to initiate life control and keep you centered.

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Family Without Borders

We loved the online community we've built, so we started co-living and co-working spaces around the world for passionate creators to have meaningful conversations at home, unleash breakthroughs, and accelerate our growth journeys with shared value.

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Co-x3 Family Connection

We working on integration with productivity tools like Notion so that whenever you successfully accomplish a goal, outcome, project, or quest, it gives you an option to share it to our community so we can celebrate your success.

When it launches, we will also be able to better match members who can be helpful to each other based on your areas and success plan to build a stronger and connected community.

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