Our Story

To pay it forward for those who have provided resources that guided our success, this is our story for how the Co-x3 Community came to be.

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Project #1: Co-x3 Kickoff

Jan 1, 2020 → Apr 20, 2020

This project was conceived on Nov 10, 2019, and officially 'kicked-off' on Jan 1, 2020. We followed our be intentional framework to plan and execute this project successfully.

Project #2: Co-x3 Scaling

Apr 20, 2020 → Jun 30, 2020

After hitting 100 members in the community and over 60 monthly patrons, it was clear that we've found some product-market-fit. So, with great haste, we focused on ensuring that our community was scalable and manageable.

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Project #3: Co-x3 Alignment

What Does Co-x3 Do

Jul 1, 2020 → Sep 30, 2020

500+ family members later, and thousands of growth-minded individuals on the email list, it was extremely important to build alignment and share what Co-x3 stands for, so we can best take advantage of network effects.

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Building something from nothing is one of the hardest things that anyone can ever do, and the difficulty intensifies if you don't have a good model to follow.

learn how we did it