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This week, we share about grit – and how it is a function of direction and determination.

First up – the most ambitious video we have ever attempted is finally out. 3 months, over 50 hours of shooting and editing, now finally delivered for your viewing pleasure. Learn all about the origin story of #theGamificationProject, and watch how we live life as eagerly as a kid playing their favorite game…

Watch it here β†’

It’s been a fantastic few months for our community – here are some highlights:

It’s been many, many months since we last updated our wonderful community via our newsletter. We’ve had so much going on, we don’t even know where to start. For your reading pleasure, we’ve summed up many of the cool things we’ve been up to.

Introducing Co-x3 Family 2.0

Over the last quarter, we’ve been working on all sorts of initiatives to…

  • Improve community engagement
  • Grow our leadership team
  • Foster meaningful conversations
  • Spark innovation and co-creation

These goals drove our latest huge initiative – a brand new community space for our wonderful family.

As some of you may know, we’ve been doing a slow migration to a new community application called Guilded, where we’ve been widely successful in increasing engagement, fostering meaningful conversations, and driving innovation into new avenues previously unexplored.

Why are we moving?Β Guilded makes it super easy to have collaborative conversations and impromptu calls with the community. Also, it has a robust API framework for us to connect our Notion experience with the community (more details to come). In sum,Β this move is to make our community experience 10x better.Β In this application, you have the ability to see other members when they join voice and streaming channels and are able to spontaneously create groups to talk to the people you connect with in the community!

“It brings me back to the Messenger days when we’d just chat with friends who were online. Being able to just jump into a call anytime and have a meaningful and productive conversation about anything that we’re thinking about has been an amazing experience, and co-working sessions are happening just about daily. A great starting point is to just meet other family members by attending scheduled events.”

– Dean Chua

So how can you join this new exciting space? Super easy.

  1. Click this to get direct access into our Guilded server
  2. Read the documents in Start Here ⭐ to get acquanted with the space
  3. Tell us about yourself in to unlock the rest of the server
  4. Join any channel and start a discussion!

We have amazing exclusive content found only on Guilded like anΒ impromptu book reading (check it out and let us know if you enjoy content like this!). We’ll keep posting behind the scenes content and tons of opportunities to collaborate, so don’t miss out!

We’re so happy to welcome our two newest leaders in the Co-x3 Family, Darius and Elisa.

Darius Strasel is a developer whose passion is building and using technology to solve difficult problems (that helps people), but struggles with burn out and consistency. He also enjoys learning about philosophy, anthropology, politics, symmathesy, the scientific method, logic, computer science, and taking photos outside before it was cancelled. He is currently leading tech initiatives in Co-x3, and his recent project involves building cool bots in our Guilded server to enhance the family experience.

Elisa T. is a nursing student who is passionate about becoming a nurse and helping others in any way that she can. This year she is currently working on physical wellness and is ready to gamify her life. She is currently leading our daily fitness event together with Dean, and is the big driving force behind initiatives involving sustainability and tackling climate change. She is currently working on a Fast Fashion Notion zine together with other members in the community.

If you want to learn how to become a leader and contribute to our community of co-creation and collaboration…

Learn more here β†’

We have interns – and they are awesome.

Abigail and Paul have been becoming involved in our community by providing two pairs of fresh eyes and recent college degrees to help us grow our community and refine our systems. You’ll be seeing them around the community helping out with various events.

Our internship program is designed to function as a catapult for driven, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals looking to level up in their professional lives. Through hands-on collaboration and important tasks, we have set up an immersive atmosphere for interns to gain valuable skills while networking with other like-minded individuals who may present employment opportunities for them in the future. Our interns have gained valuable insights into how growth-minded people function, as well as learning how a successful and growing community thrives.

“So far, my experience with Co-x3 has taught me several valuable lessons that I cannot wait to carry with me into my next professional venture. As someone with a background in marketing and Public Relations, I have learned several key strategies that are vastly beneficial to a marketing campaign. I have also learned that collaboration is the key to completing a successful project. Being able to work with so many members of our family has demonstrated the value of efficiency and taught me how to adapt to new situations.”

– Paul Barnes

“It has been such a privilege to work closely with innovative and creative thinkers like Conrad and Aless. I am a wife and mother of two who has recently graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I feel so lucky to have found not just an opportunity to further my career but also a community within which I can offer my expertise and also better myself through collaboration and constructive feedback. This is so much more than a “graphic design internship” it is a “life design internship.”

– Abigail Woodsom

If you are interested in learning more about our internship program, reply to this email or message Aless Veliz on Guilded.

Our Family Without Borders House Is LIVE!

Recently, some of our family members have moved into a shared living space and began embarking on a journey to further enhance collaborative innovation in their lives. Each day they work together to devise new ways to deliver value to the world through meaningful conversations and the execution of positive, inclusive, and important projects. This is the first of many co-living houses globally where creators and growth-minded individuals are coming together to make a positive impact.

Our friends will document their journey of building new ideas and tackling world bosses through YouTube episodes sharing the journey of finding a problem we deeply identify with, identifying potential solutions, and then building together with the community. We’ll be sharing sneak previews of the awesome steps they are taking every day to accelerate breakthroughs in our community space.

New Toolbox Look And Feel Coming In 24 Hours

Many of our family members have expressed their appreciation for having the opportunity to browse the real life versions of our templates on our toolbox site. However, some found the experience very frustrating when they were not able to easily duplicate them (especially those new to Notion). To solve this problem, we have innovated on a brand new toolbox design that shares in depth about the benefits, functionality, and design of each template, alongside a collection of in-depth video tutorials to provide further assistance.

We should have this ready to go within the next 24 hours.

You’ll find the new toolbox at this link β†’

Nelvis warmed our hearts this week when she shared her ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our family. Here’s what she had to say.

I simply love the Co-x3 site, the amount of knowledge it contains, and how entertaining it is! The experience is truly revolutionary – in a beautiful visual way, it helps people develop self accountability, self-alignment, and motivation.

It’s been an amazing journey, and we feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome!

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Special shoutout for our new annual supporters Rebecca Koeller, Mathieu von Nassau, Graham Page, Mindy Koch, Todd Coles, and Jo Chan! With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, build more awesome projects with global impacts, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you!

And last but not least, a huge welcome to our latest power up your motivation students, Dayo Fa, Dee P, ThΓ©o Rouland, and Nelvis Alvarez.

Systems For A Better Life: Make Building Healthy Habits Addictive | How We Use Notion

Desirable outcomes stem from consistent practice. But how do we get the motivation to start and maintain the healthy habits we need in our lives? ANSWER: By turning your life into a game.

It’s been a while since we updated via newsletter, but we’ve been diligently doing livestreams every week. Just to keep you updated, we’ve…

Sunday Catchup: Co-x3 Weekly Council Meeting #35 (2020-Dec-06)

Sometimes, it’s okay to wing it. This week, we resonated with the desire to constantly pursue perfection and how it’s a totally human trait to keep on searching for problems due to our innate desire to procure solutions.


Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and we try to consume as much as we can to learn as fast as we can. Every week, we’ll share key insights from the best pieces of content we digest.

Is Your Self-Identity Limiting Your Potential? | Vusi Thembekwayo on Impact Theory

  • You want people to give you something because you are the best, not because they pity you.
  • Feeling sorry for yourself because you were dealt a bad hand hinders progress.
  • The most productive thing you can do is to just get started.
    • eg. To start a business, the most important thing isn’t funding. It’s getting a customer.


Let’s get highly motivated to personally develop ourselves, develop accountability, and collaborate to bring positive social impacts to our local and global communities.

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