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This week, we share about family – how can we care for each other across borders?

I’m so excited to introduce a huge initiative that we’ve been planning behind the scenes that is essentially the manifestation of our raison d’Γͺtre –Β our reason for being. I’ve always been heavily inspired byΒ Doctors without BordersΒ – medical professionals traveling to less privileged communities to provide healthcare services has been a quest that I always wanted to dedicate decades of my life towards. Now, with a community of like-minded individuals eager to make positive impacts on the world equipped with knowledge and tools to put our learning into action, we have a golden opportunity to tackle global challenges as a family. I share more about this in our weekly council meeting at 47:26!

Together with the art of capturing hearts through storytelling, we’d like to share each solve as episodes in a series of thrilling adventure videos; educating the world on how we think about and solve problems and highlight local community issues that not captured by mainstream media. To put it simply, we’reΒ currently recruiting for a dynamic teamΒ to continuously innovate on high-tech solutions to fight world bosses together andΒ make a meaningful, positive impact.

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We’re always been very proud of a special group inside our family, second winders – those who have the experience and wisdom from living a full life and are back for their next adventure and striving to establish their legacy. This week, I’d like to highlight 2 second winders that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with within our family, Ann and Olaf. They have both been so generous in sharing their extensive life experience about mindset, productivity, and mental health. It’s also been tremendously exciting being an active part of their journey in adopting new tools and technologies to improve their workflows and become more and more intentional in their lives.

It’s been exciting to be able to learn from the younger members of the community! Knowledge today isn’t the same information that we learned at school, it is transmitted faster, with new tools and techniques and the vocabulary is constantly being refreshed with each generation.

– Olaf W.

They will be sharing their stories on our new site for second winders specifically, which is going to be a growing repository for this group of amazing givers to learn how to find their core competencies and meaningfully contribute to the world and leave behind a grand legacy. This is one of our early release drafts – we’re always looking for more feedback and stories to share! Reply back to this email if you have any improvements you’d like to share!

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We’ve recently just implemented a LIVE indicator in our community app! Whenever you see the indicator go off, check out our events page and see which meetings are currently on to participate!

We had an amazing impromptu study with us session this week with Dean, Elisa, Shania, Rakshith, and others where we worked in each other’s company for 9 hours, and during our Pomodoro breaks, we innovated on an amazing world boss called ‘Pomodono’. People want to give to charity, but many may not have the means to actively give. Thus, many appreciate the opportunity to passively give through actions they already take every day.

We are a community that values productivity, and generally, rate our output through how many pomodoros (25 min chunks of work) we complete per day. It would be great to build an application that keeps tracks of individual work output and donate towards charities of our choice; so we are motivated in that the more productive we are, the more impact we can make on the world through charitable giving.

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Dean has been a fantastic leader this week in getting our Daily Fitness challenge up and going and hosting revitalizing yoga sessions daily. Check out her extensive fitness page and RSVP for her fitness events, Mondays to Friday 6pm Eastern!

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Shaun warmed our hearts this week when he shared his ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our family. Here’s what he had to say.

I have been using life systems for the last few years. Starting with just tracking what I did with marbles and feeling proud of myself at least once a month, then overtime the system evolved and I ended up in notion and using other gamification tools. Blows my mind you created a community specifically for this. I would love to be apart of a like-minded community!

It’s been an amazing journey, and we feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome!

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Friday Livestream: Automate Investment Decisions On Notion

Tune in for the exciting part 2 of our exciting investment tracker build with special guest D. Travis Washington. Last week, we taught about financial literacy and built the base architecture behind the system. This week, we’ll implement advanced features to automatically calculate returns, rules to help you make smarter investment decisions, and integrate with your success plan.

Sunday Catchup: Co-x3 Weekly Council Meeting #24 (2020-Sep-20)

This week, we had meaningful discussions about not getting lost in a sea of tasks, where to find the motivation to get things done (hint: you don’t have to), and how to give in a way that cares care of yourself and maximizes benefits for others.

Article: We built a Habitica clone in Notion

What fundamental principles of gamification have we used in building #theGamificationProject and what makes it a killer app over applications which already attempt to gamify habits and goals like Habitica?

Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and we try to read as much as we can to learn as fast as we can. Every week, we’ll share key insights from the best pieces of content we digest.

Quote: β€œLife is full of ups and downs, the only way to make the journey worthwhile is if you enjoy the good and learn from the bad.” – Natasha Potter

  • All we can do is try our best. When things go well, rejoice!
  • When things go bad, be kind to yourself, and look for the learning lesson.
  • In any journey, prepare to accept any outcome and avoid judgment.


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