Dear Co-x3 Family,

This week, we share about how to level up our mindset to constantly grow, seek truth, and be resilient.


It’s been a fantastic week for our community – here are some highlights:

We love co-creating and collaborating with our family to deliver shared value. This week, we had enlightening 1-on-1 brainstorming sessions with many of you to learn how we could improve the Co-x3 experience. Krissa suggested a community glossary of common terms we use in our sharing, and Shania will be starting a 366 daily stoic exercise challenge for those who want to learn about philosophy, perseverance, and the art of living.

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We had recently changed our main youtube channel name from ‘Conrad Lin’ to ‘Make Work Fun, Get Stuff Done’ because what we wanted our viewers to take away the idea that we should be enjoying all that we do. This week, Ivan gave the thoughtful suggestion (supported by our community) that we should do one final renaming of our main channel to Co-x3 to align our sharing under one brand and minimize confusion.

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Our hearts were warmed this week when we opened up an email from one of our newest members, Mario. Here’s what he had to say.

It’s been such a busy week, but I’m glad I’m going forward step by step. I’m having a great time sharing with all the community. The livestream of today was so valuable. To be honest, at the beginning I thought this community was only focused in Notion and sharing the cool things that can be done here. But I never imagined it was a community where I could learn so many things about life, my personal relationships and the projects I’m involved with. I’m grateful for being in contact and sharing with people like you, that are focused on being more productive and learning new things!

It’s been an amazing journey, and we feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome!

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Every week, we are deeply honest about important topics.

Office Hours Friday Livestream: Creating A Framework To Ask Critical Questions

This week on office hours, we combined Notion and Whimsical to create a meaningful framework to help you ask good questions to not only better understand the company you keep, but yourself as well. This was a really meaningful share, with lots of deep topics – and everybody learned lots!

The end result πŸ‘‡

Chapter 3 of Our Exciting New Series Is Out: Never Lose The Big Picture Again

Ever imagined what would be possible if you had a character page for your life to keep track of all the wins you’ve accomplished to definitively map out your areas of competence? 🀯

Sunday Catchup: Co-x3 Weekly Council Meeting #20 (2020-Aug-23)

This week, we had amazing discussions about how to scratch our creative itch, and share what you love with the world. We shared our content creation stories and cool tools we use to maximize our productivity.

Article: The 3 Mindsets You NEED To Foster in 2020

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Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and we try to read as much as we can to learn as fast as we can. Every week, we’ll share key insights from the best pieces of content we digest.

Quote: “The human brain will do anything possible you tell it to do, if you tell it often enough and strongly enough.” – Shad Helmstetter

Direct Exerpt from: What to say when you talk to yourself

Let’s take something as common as the problem of not being able to remember names. For twenty-five years you may have said to yourself, β€œI can never remember names.”

Then one evening you go to a party. You are introduced to someone whose name you want to remember and you say to yourself, β€œI’m going to remember this person’s name.”

What happens ten seconds later? You forget the name! Why? Because for the past twenty-five years you have been telling yourself that that’s what you’ll do.

You have been programming yourself to forget!

Moral of the story? Program yourself with affirmative and positive words, and be mindful when you speak to yourself and others in absolutes.


Let’s get highly motivated to personally develop ourselves, develop accountability, and collaborate to bring positive social impacts to our local and global communities.

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We’ve been invited onto Notion Australia #3’s livestream to share how #theGamificationProject has helped our family turn tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests.

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You voted, and we listened! This week on office hours, we’ll be exploring the full scope of how we can use complex filters to build meaningful dashboards that do what YOU want to do. Get ready to build together with me and ask direct questions on exactly what kinds of dashboards you want to create!

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