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This week, we focus on how to get your life in order and improve mental health through self-care.


It’s been a fantastic month for our community – here are some highlights:

We have such wonderful members who are excited to help us grow, and thus it was incredibly important to communicate as best as we can what we do here as a community, and how we got here. We’ve made a massive overhaul to our website, including 2 exciting and highly anticipated new pages explaining what we do and the detailed history behind Co-x3.

Our Approach | Our Story

We’ve also made massive improvements to our welcome articles for new members to our community, explaining exactly why we built Co-x3, what we do here, and how you can get involved.

Our Keep It Simple Dashboards have finally been released! These dashboards were inspired by our desire to keep things functional and meaningful. Reduce execution anxiety with functional dashboards that only show you what you need to see, when you need to see it.

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Thanks to the contributions of our lovely patrons, we have a brand new website for #theGamificationProject over at; and we’ll be rolling out the full website over the week to include our business templates, articles, and collaboration opportunities for world bosses!

+36 patrons have joined our wall of love 💕! Thank you Abdulaziz, Amanda, Amanda, Ana, Brianna, Christie, Dalia, David, David, Della, Elizabeth, Emmanuel, Garcia, Greg, Ivan, Jake, Jason, Jayden, Jennawynn, Jennifer, Jenny, Julius, Karthick, kelley, Krissa, Lauren, Melinda, Patrick, Patrick, Rick, Shania, Taj, Tery, Travis, Turner, and Veronika! With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you! Special shoutout to our new Power Up Your Motivation student Nadine.


Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics. This week, we focus on how to get your life in order and improve mental health through self-care.

Office Hours Friday Livestream: Creating A Self-Affirmation Lookup Database In Notion

We created a public self-affirmation lookup database in Notion to enable anybody to easily search and add specific affirmations to power up their motivation based on how they’re currently feeling and overcome self-defeating thoughts.

The end result 👇

New Weekly Series: How We Use Tools To Live Our Best Life And Get Things Done

Our series will go in-depth into the features of every single one of our amazing templates so that not only can you learn how to use them as effectively as our most productive members do, but customize them as you like to fit your unique lives.

Chapter 1: Build Your Own Dashboard

Chapter 2: Make Your To-Do List Fun (EZ Mode)

Notion sang high praises about our templates…go watch our first 2 videos to learn why!

Sunday Catchup: Co-x3 Weekly Council Meeting #19 (2020 Aug-16)

This week’s topics: We had amazing discussions about why we need to build systems, how to start small while building, leveraging aggregated insights to live a better life, how to approach data entry, problems = opportunities, and just so much more.

Article: 5 Ways To Raise Your Self Esteem

Often, we accept that society decides our value, and when we don’t perform to its tune, we feel bad about ourselves and lose self-esteem. Let’s change that.


Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and we try to read as much as we can to learn as fast as we can. Every week, we’ll share key insights from the best pieces of content we digest.

What makes this idea so powerful? Being social animals, we often over-think our interactions with the world and stress over inter-personal conflicts. We hate to be misunderstood, and there’s no worse position than feeling like your presence has caused another’s misery.

So today, let’s talk about 3 mental tools to use when you find yourself in such situations:

  1. Take a deep breath and try to empathize with the other party’s position. Why do they care so much? Do your best to understand before being understood.
  2. Check how the other party is feeling about the situation. Are they in the proper mindset to have a productive conversation, or do they need to take a breather?
  3. If they are not ready to understand and/or and be understood, – walk away, and reflect calmly on what you’ve learned. You can’t change someone that doesn’t want to change.


Let’s get highly motivated to personally develop ourselves, develop accountability, and collaborate to bring positive social impacts to our local and global communities.

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