Dear Co-x3 Community,

This week, we talk about content – this is your community, so what we share is in your control.

You may notice that our newsletter looks a little different today! Our loyal readers Naya Moss and Drew West have been extremely helpful this week by giving us creative feedback on how we can improve our newsletters to more digestible and engaging. A big thank you to them!

It’s been a fantastic week for our community – here are some highlights:

  • v2 of our daily standup sessions have been initiated to help community members stay accountable and productive throughout their day! We’ve now created an editable notion page with built-in formulas to help you track your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly level.
  • In our weekly council meetings, we help each other with specific problems we identified in our week. This week’s topics: Hiring a personal assistant, motivation with wins, dealing with grief, having a productive week, gamification for distributed thinkers, and much more. It was a thought-provoking session – watch it here if you missed it! →
  • We broke Notion’s API with our guide on how to use Notion as a CMS! It took a few hours of trial and error to create a workaround, read the full story here →
  • We held our first Office Hours Friday (Build with me!) private youtube live event, I had a blast sharing my process with you all, and hope you guys learned a ton of tips and tricks that will be helpful in your weekend customization. If you missed it, watch the replay here →
  • 🧰 Co-x3 Community Toolbox Updates
  • We spent a lot of time designing and creating email flows to deliver exclusive content directly to your inbox – patrons now have access to complimentary training for select lessons from our courses to help you unlock the full potential of our template packages.
  • +10 patrons have joined our wall of love 💕! Thank you Anshu, Min, Ryan, Roxanne, Michael, Deversorivm, Darius, Asger, Alexis, and Andrew! With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you!

Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics.

Video: Reflections Masterclass – Wrapping Up A Quarter

We had our first ever masterclass on Saturday to share about our 3 mindsets, immortalizing successful projects, and how to reflect using meaningful data from your databases. Drew left a wonderful summary in the comments, so do check the link above to claim your recording as a Co-x3 Community Member!


Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and I try to read as much as I can to learn as fast as I can. Every week, I’ll share key insights from the best pieces of content I digest.

Quote: “A community is where people can begin to connect with each other” – Pat Flynn

  • I love the fact that we’ve been able to create such a vibrant community where all our members can find their own niche of how to be helpful to each other.
  • As social animals, we crave connection, and now more than ever.
  • So don’t be shy to express your passion! We always welcome new community run-intiatives.

I save all my learning in a central space →


Let’s get highly motivated to personally develop ourselves, develop accountability, and collaborate to bring positive social impacts to our local and global communities. View our weekly schedule →

  • Daily StandupsCheck into the leaderboard space to participate when you start your day!
  • 🎥 Daily Accountability PartyWe’re holding daily wind-up/wind-down sessions at 9am Eastern from Mon-Fri to help community members find the energy to conduct a thorough reflection of the day, and plan properly for the day ahead. RSVP to get the link and be notified →
  • 🎥 Office Hours FridaysI’ll be holding office hours on Friday evenings at 9pm Eastern after our patron updates, so I can help out with any questions that might arise from the new content, and conduct open ‘build with me’ sessions. RSVP to get the link and be notified →
  • 🎥 Council Meeting Sundays – Our eleventh week is on Jun 21, 2020 @ 9:00 AM EST, where we investigate how we can help you fight your local war, and send you a unique hero to fight by your side – last week was Yoda from Star Wars!
  • ♻ Next Week’s Major Toolbox Updates3 new templates: Founder, Manager, and Project Manager Planning, Quarterly Reflections and Report, Skills & Talent tracker. Also, loot boxes! After you complete your reflection, trigger a loot box drop. The loot box will give you a reward % based on your completed # of daily quests.


  • Let’s keep each other accountable on our growth journey. Reply on this email and send your response to this question:
    • Where do you get your daily motivation? Is it an interaction, or perhaps something you eat? How can you make it predictable and repeatable?