#40 - Multiplayer For Personal Development 🔗

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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May 31, 2021
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Key Takeaways:

Dear Comrades,

A wonderful memory I have was coming home every day to my favourite MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) to quest and slay monsters together with my friends. When voice chatting apps like teamspeak, mumble, and discord started getting popular, it was an amazing experience meeting players around the world that had the same interests and motivations and working together to achieve our goals.

The combination of adventure and community pushed me to level up faster and help my friends - and it’s been my dream to bring that experience to personal development, so we never have to struggle alone on our growth journeys.

This week, we took one big step to making that vision a reality, and I’m excited to share with you how.

Knowledge To Level Up 📚

The Most Immersive MMORPG To Play For Life

We’re taking the multiplayer experience that we love from MMORPGs and bringing it to personal development to embark on an epic growth journey with our friends.

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2 Gamification Masterclasses This Month!

We’re working hard on the tutorial island, so we won’t be having a LVL-UP Cohort for June. Sign up for the waitlist to get 10% off when we launch again in July with a revamped course experience.

As a special bonus for our ongoing supporters, we’re going to be holding 2 special gamification masterclasses for our LVL-UP Students and Active Patrons. If you’ve ever wanted to get an intensive deep dive into how gamification works and how gamify any workspace in Notion, join us for our first masterclass on June 7th.

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Take Action On Your Learning 🧰


Make Work Fun By Turning Your Life Into A Game

Have fun with your productivity. Immerse yourself into the epic adventure of your life with our brand new tutorial island in #theGamificationProject and make work fun with a fully customizable gamified task manager, habit tracker, bullet journal, and more.

We’ve officially pushed out early access to the Tutorial Island for Gamify Your Life and L-CTRL for our patrons (check your email!), and we are going to have a full launch in Q3 (July 2, 2021). If you have never tried our packages before - now is the best time to try them out.

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Basic Guide To The Notion API - How To Connect Google Calendar and Email To Notion

What can I do with the Notion API today to make life better? In this video, learn what the API can do and how I use it to connect google calendar and email to my task manager for enhanced productivity.

Use Notion With Your Voice - How To Connect Google Assistant With The Notion API

It’s time to level up our productivity with more Notion API integrations. Learn how you can share data from your Notion workspace to benefit from multiplayer for personal development, and build a simple workflow to control Notion with only your voice.


How to make a fun and interactive wiki for your community or non-profit (Ep. 44)

Running a community or non-profit and want to make it easier for your volunteers to help? On our Friday Live Build this week, we showed you step by step how we built an interactive wiki that helps our members have clarity on how they can help and explore ways to contribute.

Never Struggle Alone 🤗

Announcing The Co-x3 Family Connection

This is the next stage for our growth for the Gamification Project. We’re creating the ultimate gamified multiplayer experience for personal development - and the roadmap is exciting. We’re building our own API server, a dedicated webapp, and support for other productivity tools like Airtable and Clickup.

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Get BETA Access To Our Co-x3 API Server

We want to help you be highly motivated and feel supported on your growth journey, and we have an exclusive offer for our active patrons. By connecting to our API server, you can automatically share specific wins from your success plan to our community space to celebrate with our family.

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Wall Of Love

Elisa warmed our hearts this week when they shared their ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our templates. Here’s what they had to say.

I really love the Co-x3 Family Connection API because it allows me to populate my to-do list and wins for all my friends to see! I also love to see what wins and to-dos others in the community have so I can comment and support them. It's still early days - I can definitely see it going even further and I'm excited to support the journey.

Thanks Elisa! It’s been an amazing journey, and we feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome! If you have words to share - leave a review here!

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