#38 - Optimizing For Happiness 😄

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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May 3, 2021
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Dear Comrades,

Our community has officially turned 1 year old - thank you for a wonderful year. It’s been such a great experience to share in your growth journey, and continuously refine how we can be more helpful for you. I want to thank everybody for your patience in awaiting our content delivery, as we’ve been reiterating a lot over the past few months, and overcoming various obstacles.

We’re improving every single day, and it’s with your help that we can grow faster together. You can see our content release schedule here, and starting this week, we’re changing up our newsletter structure to provide you with more concise, to-the-point learnings that will help you throughout your week.

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Knowledge To Level Up 📚

2020 In Review - Solving For Productivity

Every year around my birthday, I like to reflect on how my year went, what went well, what didn’t, and what I’m going to do differently moving forward. 2020 has been a turbulent year, and it’s also been a period of tremendous personal growth.

Last year, I embarked on a journey of self-actualization, and discovered that family is the answer. This year, I’m optimizing for happiness.

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The Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change your Life and Achieve Real Happiness

Finding this book was a great catalyst of change for me in the last few months. It would be impossible to summarize the whole book into just a few points, but here are the key points that have stuck with me.

Key Takeaways:

  • Life is not deterministic - your past does not determine your future. Your world is colored by your subjective experiences, thus, by changing your perception, you can give your own meaning to life.
  • When you engage in competition, there are winners and losers and you start seeing others as enemies. To live in harmony with society, we need to see each other as comrades - those who always have the will to help another in times of need
  • We have unspoken goals behind every action. Find them so that you can understand your true motivations.
  • Separate your life tasks - think about who ultimately is going to receive the end result brought about by the choice that is made.
  • When disaster strikes, rather than asking what caused it to happen, ask what can we do next?
  • Happiness comes from self-acceptance and contribution to others. And contribution can be as simple as just being present.

If you want to explore a drastically different approach to achieving true happiness, you may enjoy this reading.

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Happiness is not about solving problems

What truly makes us happy? For a long time in my life, I thought that happiness would come through solving problems. Over many years, I realized that the joy from solving a problem is very fleeting, and we quickly fixate on the next inconvenience in our lives. So why does this happen, and are we simply doomed to suffer eternally?

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Take Action On Your Learning 🧰

The Most Powerful Way To Learn And Teach | How We Use Notion

Learning and taking action on new ideas is incredibly difficult - if you don’t know how to use mental models. First introduced by Charlie Munger in 1990, this is the secret behind how successful people make good decisions quickly and lead great teams to exponentially increase their output.

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How I Organize My Computer Files with the PARA Method (Ep. 40)

We’ve all had the experience of being lost in our folders, unable to find a single file that we need. Join us as we share how we use the PARA method from Tiago Forte to organize our files and folders with intention, and seamlessly integrated with our use of Notion.

Sign Up For Our May Cohort - Limited Spaces Available!

If you want to learn the principles behind being intentional and gamify your life to integrate into any system that you want, we’ve just opened signups for the next cohorts of our LVL-UP Course - signups close in under 9 hours!

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Never Struggle Alone 🤗

New Website Is Live And Ready!

If you’ve been lurking around for the last few months, you’d know that we’ve been working on our brand new site for the Co-x3 Family. I’m proud to share that we’ve put the final touches to tell the world exactly who we are, and what we’re building for creatives, students, and second winders. We’ve included resources that we think will be helpful for each member of our community - so check it out!

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We’ve been hard at work designing a brand new gamified onboarding experience where you can select your avatar, and class to get very specific guidelines for different stages of life and personality types. Huge thanks to John, Elisa, Shania, and Rachel for your amazing insights. If you want to be one of the first to try this out, join our community.

1 Spot Is Opening Up In May For Family Without Borders!

Are you a creator that cares about unlocking breakthroughs through meaningful discussions and doing good together? If you live in Singapore, check out the Playground - one of our shared houses around the world designed for our members to live, work, and play together. We have a room opening up in May - check out the link below for more details.

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Start Your Intentional Journey With Us

All family members are welcome to join us in our LVL-UP Bootcamp space in the community to share your progress in living an intentional life. Each week, we share a different part of our journey - from areas and values we’re focusing on this quarter, success plans for the month, daily quests, and review cycles.

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Wall Of Love

Abhi warmed our hearts this week when he shared his ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our community. Here’s what he had to say.

Thanks Abhi! It’s been an amazing journey, and we feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome!

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