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Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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May 29, 2021
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Today, we're going to teach you how to create awesome integrations with the official Notion API that will level up your productivity at home and in the workplace.

What is the Notion API?

So let's first understand what the Notion API does, and how we can make use of it.

In a nutshell, the API gives you a secure way to share data inside your databases and pages with trusted third parties, and bring in data from these third parties into your pages. This is useful if you have data sitting inside Notion that you'd like to share with your other applications.

For example, last year with the unofficial Notion API, I was able to create my entire blog site for free using Notion as the content management system, writing my articles inside this Notion database, and having that content automatically be transcribed into a blog post on the web.

Alternatively, if you have data sitting in other apps that you'd like to bring into Notion, like a form that's collecting responses from clients, or health data from your Fitbit that you'd like to save in a database - that can also be done with the API, so you don't have to manually import all this information. The official API release means that you can use other services to connect to Notion without having to hack it with code (like I did!). This makes it so easy for non-technical people to have a no-code experience and benefit from the connectivity between multiple tools.

At the moment, there are 2 major automation services that offer integrations with the Notion API - and zapier.

Should I use or Zapier?

Automate and Zapier are both no-code tools that make it easy for you to connect different applications that they have already built integrations for. For a good comparison, we're going to be looking at 3 factors.

How many tasks / month does each service provide

On the free plan, offers 300 tasks / month, versus Zapier's 100 tasks / month.

Does it have the integrations I need? App Integrations | Zapier App Integrations

Popular Use Cases

At the moment, both and zapier do not offer continuous 2-way syncing, meaning that they can only send single events each time a trigger happens.

Feel free to share your own use cases by clicking on the chatbot and letting us know! I expect other services to come out that will exclusively serve the Notion API that may give better features or pricing than the general tools, which I'll be sure to cover in future videos - so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel!

How flexible is their pricing? has a $9.99/month plan that unlocks you multistep workflows and 1 premium app. To get premium apps on zapier, you need to upgrade to at least $29.99.

Conclusion: Use

For beginners that are just starting out - go with Automate's FREE plan.

  1. It has 3x the tasks per month versus Zapier. 300 is plenty for a casual user and you shouldn't need to upgrade further.
  2. Connection wise, it has all the major apps you'll most likely need to connect to like google calendar and email.
  3. For the apps that don't have connections yet, you can use a webhook instead by upgrading to their first paid plan at $9.99/month

Building Your First Integration

Connecting Google Calendar and Notion for effective task management (5:23)

Let's show you how I combine google calendar and Notion for task management. Here, I walk you through my task management workflow, and demonstrate how meetings can fit into my day and earn me appropriate EXP and gold rewards.

Connecting Email and Notion For Quick Notes (16:32)

We often have to take action on messages sent to us via email. Let's learn how to send these messages to Notion so that we can easily categorize them to be worked on based on our current priorities.

Building Our Next Integrations

Automatically Share Your Wins To The World (2:09)

I'm super passionate about the idea of multiplayer for personal development. When we're on our own growth journeys, it's not always easy to remember that there are others who are on similar paths, and we don't need to struggle alone.

Using the API, we can build a workflow that enables you to share your adventure with the world. Imagine if Notion could automatically send a text to a friend whenever you finish a difficult project, a tweet out to your followers whenever you reach a major milestone, or even sharing the tasks that you are working on today to your peers with a click of a button.

I love building in public, because...

  1. You can have a sense of accountability to motivate you to finish your work
  2. You can get congratulations on tasks that you've completed
  3. You can inspire others to follow in your footsteps or learn from others how they are accomplishing something you want to do.

We've actually created our own API server as part of the Co-x3 Family Connection, which currently enables our patrons to send their wins into the community for FREE and get honest and constructive feedback to achieve their goals.

Connect Google Assistant To Notion (9:03)

This integration has so much potential, because we can add entries into any Notion database from our voice assistants. Add items to your shopping lists, inbox, task manager, finance trackers, and more.

What's Coming Up 👀

Two-way syncing of data - to connect contacts with personal CRM

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Daily summaries of your character progression

Using voiceflow to have guided reflections via voice assistants

Our dedicated application which will gamify any productivity workspace.

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