How to create recurring tasks in Notion (fun and easy!)

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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May 8, 2021
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We all know that if you don't take care of small tasks that come up daily, they will eventually grow into large dragons that drain our energy and are difficult to slay. This is why recurring tasks are useful to help us keep track of the periodic maintenance work that we need to do to keep our life on track.

Unfortunately, as of today, there hasn't been a native way to make recurring tasks in Notion. So, we've come up with a fantastic workaround that helps you create a dynamic quest list that displays your recurring tasks for each day and easily schedule them to be worked on.

The best part is, it integrates seamlessly with #theGamificationProject so you can earn experience points and gold rewards when you complete each quest and level up!

Let's start by taking a quick look at what the end result looks like.

Feel free to follow the written instructions below or watch the video for a more visual demonstration! I'll leave handly timestamps to guide you along. ✌

Starting the database - 03:02

  • Start with a blank page, and create a new gallery view.
  • Call this database Recurring Workflows, and give it a cycle icon.
  • Create a select property called Frequency and give it the options:
    Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.
  • Change the properties to show the contents of the page, and show the frequency.
  • This will make it easier for you to add and remove recurring tasks in the future.
  • Fill out the database with as many tasks that you do on a recurring basis that you can.
Your database should look like this in the gallery view!

Making A Week View -  05:08

  • Make a new board view (What are views in Notion?)
  • Create a multi-select property called Day Of The Week and give it the options:
    0 - Sunday, 1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, and so on.
  • Have the board sort by Day of the Week
  • Re-arrange columns to fit the order of the week that you prefer
  • Schedule your recurring tasks on the days that you prefer to work on them...
💡 Tip: Try bundling up similar tasks to be done on the same day! For example, make Saturdays your finance days, where you settle all your bills and check on your investments. This helps you optimize your schedule and create a routine - helping you be more efficient at performing the task and reducing unnecessary context switching.

Moving to a dashboard - 08:42

  • Make a linked view by simply pasting the database URL on any Notion page.
  • Make a list view. Sort by day of the week and frequency.
Your list view should look like this!

Integrating with your task list - 10:38

  • The goal is to be able to integrate your recurring tasks with any task list that you prefer.
  • We will use the active quests view from our success plan
    (Found in L-CTRL, Be Intentional, or Gamify Your Life).
  • We want to have a upstream relation to the success plan, so we can specify projects that may have recurring tasks to do
  • Create the recurring task in the task list, so that we can set the specific properties that we want to auto-fill when the task is to be done again.

Relate your tasks to active projects you're working on!

  • Bonus: Make a upstream relation to your areas of competence, so you can have recurring tasks that relate to your sub-areas for recurring maintenance.

Formula To Show Day Of The Week - 13:51

  • Make sure that Day of the Week has numbers representing the day of the week
    (eg. 0 - Sunday, 1 - Monday, etc.)
  • Make a new formula property called Today Check. Paste this formula in.
(day(now()) == toNumber(prop("Day Of The Week"))) ? "✅ Today" : "❌ Not Today"
  • Create a filter to check where Today Check contains ✅ AND Frequency contains "Weekly"
  • Repeat for Monthly and Quarterly views.

Replenishing workflows - 18:56

  • Create a template button so you can generate new workflows.
  • Drag your recurring tasks into the template button.

💡 Tip: Leave a space between the first task, because it makes it so that when you click the template button, it will not automatically open the page.

If you want to save time building this template, the recurring workflows database is included in our L-CTRL and Be Intentional template packages, and comes integrated with our success plan.

If you want to be part of a highly educational and engaging learning experience with our community, join our live builds on Fridays at 9pm Eastern, where you'll also get a chance to influence the next build to be more personalized and beneficial for your growth journey.

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