Break The Ice!

September 11, 2021 9:00 PM
1 hour 30 mins
Members Only
Event is in Eastern Standard Time.

We want to help the members in our community know each other better, so we're setting up an icebreaker event where you'll meet 1 on 1 with another family member and have a guided meaningful discussion.

We'll be using an app created by one of our very own, Warmspace, which uses a science-based approach involving music, mindfulness, and psychology to allow you to open up and experience deep connection through a guided video conversation.

This will be an event for our Co-x3 Family members only, so remember to apply (for free!) so you can RSVP in our events calendar. Only 20 spaces available!


[15 mins] We'll gather in Guilded and have a introduction to the app from Edric, the founder of Warmspace.

[60 mins] Then, we'll go into warmspace and get paired with someone from the family for a 1 on 1 conversation.

[15 mins] After our session, we'll hop back into Guilded and reflect on the experience and share 1 cool thing you learned about your partner.


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