Gamification For Productivity - Masterclass

June 7, 2021 9:00 PM
2 Hours
Members Only
Event is in Eastern Standard Time.

As a special bonus for our LVL-UP Students and Patrons, we're holding an exclusive gamification masterclass to teach you the fundamentals on how to hack your brain with gamification, and step-by-step instructions to gamify any Notion workspace.

The intention of the class is to make sure you are comfortable making any workspace fun, even for systems that you build for yourself.


Limited availability (25 spaces left!) - Sign up fast.


How to sign up

  1. Make sure you are either a LVL-UP Student or an Active Patron
  2. Sign up for our community space (Guilded)
  3. RSVP on our events calendar (how?)



15 mins - Introductions
‍30 mins - The Science Behind Gamification
‍30 mins - Gamification Best Practices
‍30 mins - Step-By-Step Implementation
‍15 mins - Q&A


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