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Co-x3 stands for co-creation, collaboration, and community. We're an inclusive group of like-minded forward thinkers that want to effect positive change in the 🌍

We are equipping creatives, students, and second winders with shared best practices and knowledge to level up every day, systems to put your learning into action, and a supportive community to make sure you never struggle alone.

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  • “Simply blown away by this community. Been looking for something like this for years. So excited to be surrounded by a group of high performant like-minded people to learn from and hold me accountable on my habits and goals.”
    Tamir S.
    Cape Town, SA
  • “The thing I love most about this community is that I never encounter judgment and I always feel uplifted even when I don't feel great about myself. Thank you all!”
    Amanda M.
    Colorado, US
  • “As a student, I really enjoy the daily accountability and language learning calls. Co-x3 is full of amazing, loving, and productive people who are always online and ready to help if you need it!”
    Ayden M.
    Durban, SA
  • I greatly admire the fact that you're like a good father who finds time for all of his children, despite working full time. Moreover, considering the size of your community and the tailor-made feedback you give, what you do is pretty out of this world.
    Sabrina I.
    Tampere, FI
  • “I always enjoy the friendly environment and goal-oriented atmosphere. Like a sponge, I continuously learn a lot of interesting and inspiring ideas from the community. Thank you so much for leading this great home.”
    Washington, US
  • “It has been a lovely experience. I absolutely love the learning nature of the community. Also, it is commendable about you, you make it a better experience. The amount of effort you put in this is absolutely amazing.”
    Nihit K.
    Brisbane. AU

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July 12, 2020

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July 5, 2020

#24 – Keeping it Simple 🐣

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